EPI 26 LOGAN J DELAWARE #TheManTheMythTheLegend

EPI 26 LOGAN J DELAWARE #TheManTheMythTheLegend

December 31, 2017

Welcome to Episode 26. The Grand Finale of the 2017 season. This show was recorded on Christmas day with lots of family and friends around to listen in. Logan J. Delaware, founder of Big Mouth Announcing in Austin Tx tells us about how he started his announcing career, his 4 Ironman races, growing up in Maine and so much more. Join us for the hilarious conversation with this amazing friend. #TheManTheMythTheLegend


Our Guest Today: Logan J. Delaware


To contact Logan Delaware of Big Mouth Announcing you can find him at logan@bigmouthannouncing.com. Facebook at Logan J Delaware and Instagram at BigMouthAnnouncing



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